Convert plus, a better way to convert!

2023/05/17 04:41:17Announcements

KuCoin Wealth, has launched Convert Plus, a structured product that allows investors to fix the price to buy or sell crypto, while also giving them the potential to benefit if the market moves in their favor.

Convert Plus is designed to help investors catch market opportunities by locking in the conversion price when they want to convert their coins but are worried that spot prices may be better after their conversion. With Convert Plus, investors are guaranteed to convert their investment asset at the guaranteed price and may receive more coins depending on where the spot price is at maturity.

Convert Plus is a combination of flow products and exotic options, which means that clients can buy an exotic option that can profit if the market moves in favour of the client in this structure. By locking in a future conversion price and the fund/token until maturity, investors can potentially generate additional benefits.

Guaranteed Price is the worst-case conversion price, meaning that investors' investment asset will be converted to the target asset at the guaranteed price or better. Investors can only benefit from favorable spot movement if the observation price falls between the guaranteed price and protection price at maturity.

Convert Plus offers investors a new way to trade cryptocurrencies with more confidence, and KuCoin Wealth is excited to bring this innovative product to the market, to learn more.

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